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Rhaptos: Connexions Archive and Admin Site

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Welcome to Connexions Archive and Admin Site

You might have gotten here, because this used to be the Rhaptos and Connexions development site. We have combined our development and bug tracking site here. We do have archival documentation on this site and some Connexions specific administration information.

What is Rhaptos?

  • The name for the open-source licensed software developed and used by Connexions.

  • An Ancient Greek adjective that refers to things stitched or sewn together.
  • Software to enable authors, instructors, and students to create, select, and assemble modular educational content into collections customized to meet their teaching and learning needs.


  • Modular content
  • Version control with permanently referenceable versions
  • Semantic XML-based content

Getting Started with Rhaptos Development

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